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Building Products and Brands


As a leader in the printing industry since 2005, TLS Printing LLC has a wealth of knowledge and experience related to the design and manufacturing of Tags, Labels, Seals, Specimen Tags and Parking Permits. We ship internationally, providing a variety of companies and individuals with quality products and innovations. Let us help build your product or brand.



Our custom tags provide solutions to serve your identification needs: We offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes on paper or synthetic material,
in single or multiple part formats. We can print
up to ten colors on the face and produce tags
that are sequentially numbered with a 3/16” up
to 1½” size font. We can also provide a ¼” or ½” code 39 barcode.  TLS printing specializes in multi-part or manifold tags. We can produce manifold tags with up to four parts with combinations of tag, carbonless paper, bond paper or carbon. Manifold tags serve a wide variety of markets segments in the industrial and retail markets. Tag/label combinations and self-sealing laminated tags are also available.


TLS printing designs and produces a wide variety of high-quality paper and film pressure sensitive labels for a broad range of applications. Labels have many common applications including product identification, mailing or shipping, inventory control and quality tracking to name a few. We inventory a variety of pressure sensitive stocks with permanent, removable and special grade adhesives that can accommodate your application.


TLS printing specializes in high quality embossed foil seals. This product can make a logo, product or advertisement stand out from the crowd. Our process insures a high quality, deep embossed seal, on a number of gold or silver foil substrates. We can print up to three colors on our standard shapes or we can produce a custom shape that meets your specific need.  Embossed seals are often used to add a ‘high-end’ product look, highlight a website address or bring attention to a payment reminder. They are also used extensively to celebrate company anniversaries. Call us to discuss how embossed seals can help to enhance your business image.

Specimen Tags

Colleges, Universities, museums, research laboratories, anywhere specimens need to be immersed in a preservative solution are using our Specimen Tags. They are manufactured using a chemically pure cellulose material, which contains no resins or bonding agents. The most common use for a Specimen Tag is to mark samples that are sealed in formaldehyde. TLS can customize this product with your organizations name, numbering sequence and punched holes for attachment to your specimen.

Parking Permits

TLS manufactures a wide variety of customized, security printed parking permit products . Our line includes decals and hang tags that are customizable through the use of material, color and fraud protection technologies built into the tag.  Let us help you design a cost effective solution for you permiting needs.


84 Tyler Rd.
Townsend, MA. 01469


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